Business processes Analysis

Initially we identify the process that requires business improvement. Then, analyse the process 

Inventory Reduction (You are keeping stock you do not need)

The international study shows that proper management of your Inventory using TOC will have a mean reduction of 50%. We come and outline your inventory and we identify all constraints. We then make sure that all your staff is trained in managing this process going forward. We call this process “Ratcheting Down Your stock”

Improve your business process Throughput

Throughput is the rate at which your business generates cash through sales. By improving your Throughput, your business adds value to your financial results.

Production improvements

We know your rate of producing is crucial to your business and you measure your efficiency through the time used to produced your product. Let us deal with the bottlenecks that affects your production.

Financial improvement

We guarantee financial improvement for your business.

Reports submitted to clients

  • Detailed problem report
  • Comparative throughput report
  • Financial report
  • Progress report
  • Summary report
  • Presentation